Monday, November 10, 2014

Five PHP Classes That Every Developers Should Know

In this Blog, I am going to share top/best most useful PHP classes that will surely make your life easier as a PHP Web Developer.

Most Useful PHP Classes

Most Useful PHP Classes

PHP PSD Reader :-

PHP PSD Reader allows you to display any Adobe PSD file on the screen. It is very helpful to create a preview of PSDs designed for clients.

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Akismet :-

Akismet can help you, if your website gets spammed in any ways. When a track back, ping back or a new comment comes to your website, it is submitted to the Akismet web service which runs thousands of tests on the comment and gives back a thumbs up or down.

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Browser Detect :-
Browser Detect

Browser detects class will detect extremely all browsers and simplify your cross-browser work. Cross-browser compatibility is the most common problem for all front-end programmers. Browser detects is the best help to solve this issue.

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HTML Purifier :-

HTML Purifier

HTML Purifier is a PHP class which is help you to write a better code. It can remove malicious code. In addition, It confirms that your code is standard-complaint or not. HTML Purifier is the best tool for all PHP Developers.

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pChart :-

Through pChart, data can be easily retrieved from SQL queries, CSV files or manually provided.
It is another chart class, as good as Google charts API.

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