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Top IDEs For CodeIgniter Development

Top IDEs For CodeIgniter Development

As the globe is moving towards digitalization, building robust, secure, and scalable web is the  go-to solution in regards to matching this pace. CodeIgniter is an open-source model view controller that is based on the PHP framework. 

One should always choose from the best CodeIgniter IDE to streamline the development process. There are many CodeIgniter IDEs that are available in the market. It is equally important to  hire the best CodeIgniter developers to build rich, engaging applications. Some of the most exclusive IDEs for CodeIgniter are mentioned below:

Best IDEs For CodeIgniter Development:


NetBeans is one of the best IDes for CodeIgniter that is available in the market. On normal grounds, it is used for HTML5 and JavaScript improvement as well as it works well with Java Advancement, /C++, and PHP CodeIgniter. It has access to various languages that include English, simplified Chinese, Russian, Brazilian, Japanese, and also Portuguese. NetBeans is free and is available under the Apache License 2.0. Few platforms that support it are Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Java platform, JavaFX, etc.


Eclipse is another famous web development; it comes along with a basic workspace and plugin structure that is also scalable and it could be customized as per the requirement of the given environment. Eclipse facilitates code templates, code navigation, syntax highlighting, and also code formatting. Eclipse is also capable of very well sustaining graphical UI and non-graphical UI.

Aptana Studio

Aptana Studio is yet another best CodeIgniter IDE to help developers. It is used in integration with several server-side and client-web technologies. By just simply supporting the command-line interface and also debuggers it helps in making app development a lot simpler. This IDE also supports HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and DOM with outlining, code completion, error and warning notifications, etc. This web application development fancies the flexibility of the eclipse and simultaneously consists of information available in the primary browsers.  


Scriptcase is amongst the best IDE for CodeIgniter that any web developer can opt for. By using this tool, you simply move from the prototype to the production phase in real-time. It helps developers in creating menus, charts, reports and all of that automatically with just a few clicks. It is also widely used to create CRUD which stands for Create, Read, Update and Delete respectively. It is accessible in a lot of many languages, a few of those being French, English, Latin, etc.

Visual Studio Code

Visual studio code is a fine IDE for PHP CodeIgniter development services, it has some very advanced features such as debugging, intelligent code completion, snippets, code refactoring, syntax highlighting, and also embedded git. The users here are allowed to easily edit or modify keyboard shortcuts, preferences, themes and install extensions that could be extended functionally. After you hire the best CodeIgniter developers for yourself you would see them using it and this also works as a tool that synchronizes with the JavaScript UI library.


After going through the above-mentioned points your ideas must be clear as to why and how important it is to have an IDE for CodeIgniter.

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