Saturday, October 4, 2014

Top Five PHP Books to Download

Want to learn PHP online? If yes, then start to follow top five PHP books. Here, you will find best five php books through those you will easily learn PHP programming.

1. PHP for Absolute Beginners :-

Book Author :- Jason Lengstorf

You can start to learn PHP web development with using this book. Jason Lengstorf has given an introduction to PHP by creating a PHP-based blogging site. In addition, you can learn about the wordpress. You will get a practical information to learn, how to make a content management system.

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2. PHP & MySQL :-

There are so many practical examples to learn all types of tools, techniques, which are necessary to develop a functional database driven website using PHP and MySQL.  It provides  up to last information from installing PHP and MySQL in Mac, Linux and Windows to creating a live web-based content management system. The book offers many advanced topics like the cookies and session in PHP, binary data in MySQL.

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3. PHP: A Beginner's Guide :-

This book helps you to learn, how to build dynamic, data-driven web applications with using PHP. It includes all latest PHP releases. Additionally, you will get help to learn the writing of basic PHP programs and improve them with using more advanced features like SQLite and MySQL database integration, third party extensions and XML input. The book covers the information about software installation, language syntax, data structures, built-in functions, flow control routines and many more.

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4. Professional PHP6 : -

This book uncovers the limits of how to increase the full feature set of PHP6. This book provides the information about how to use PHP6 in all eras like enterprise scheme, enterprise-class software development, practical examples and many more.

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5. PHP Solutions :-

Dynamic Web Design Made Easy – You can learn to make your website dynamic after adding of a feedback form. This book has the most popular combination to make dynamic websites. It is free, user-friendly and provided by many web hosting companies.

The books provide a number of practical examples which you can incorporate in your website to optimize performance as well as add functionality, which includes file uploading, feedback forms, image gallery CMS and so on.

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