Monday, September 22, 2014

Top Five PHP Tools for All PHP Developers

There are many tools available online to use while doing PHP programming. Let's discuss top five PHP tools among all.

Top Five PHP Tools

Top Five PHP Tools

1. A Unit Testing Tool :-

A Unit testing works very smooth in the whole development process. As a professional PHP programmer, We should know of the concept of Unit testing as well as a test driven development. In addition, It is necessary to know that when unit testing is good or bad in work.

2. A Debugger :-

There are multiple options available when we talk about debuggers like dbg, Zend_Debug and Xdebug. They offer  professional PHP programmers with tools to cut down code and problems.Debugging Tool provides you all steps through your code, stop execution and consider the whole environment at any stage. It will be more beneficial if you have firebug. Find a good debugger and use it accordingly.

 3. An ERD Tool :-

If you are doing PHP programming, then it is good that you are working with a database. When your database becomes too large then you need a tool to keep everything very straight.  Tools like, MYSQL Workbench is very useful to visualize your database. ERWin or  Embarcadero’s ER/Studio provides you more options for import and export models and keeping your database model in sync with your original database. Whether you are working on your personal project or professional project, ERD tool will surely help you.

4. A Version Control System :-

CVN, SVN, Git or a host of other options both are free and commercial will help you to keep your code in safe mode. Whether that is secure from your development server's hard drive crashing or safe from your next coding where you change something at 2AM that you really should not have.  It depends on how you or your team work. For that you need to search for available options work with your team to make choices like central vs. Distributed.

5. A Framework :-

Framework is the most important tool for any developer. There are two different types of frameworks. Let's talk about them.

First type is Content Management System. You need to know all the details to get it installed, up and running and extend it to complete the job.

Second type framework means, PHP Developers to have in their toolbox. There are major three or four frameworks.

For Example :-
  •     CakePHP
  •     CodeIgniter
  •     symfony
  •     ZendFramework


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