Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Top Three Web Development Tools for Every Web Developers

There are lots of tools available online to use them while developing a website. But Basically, we need a way to create code and then preview, test, and debug it. For that we need specialty tools as per the project. Here, Find Top three web application development tools.

Web Application Development

Building your application :-

While developing HTML based website or dynamic websites in PHP or ASP we need a good editor to combine all together. There are plenty of editors available, but I would like to prefer WebMatrix.

You can download it's final product free of cost, and it has everything you need to build prototypes. Additionally, there are lots of different varieties of templates available to develop an application.

WebMatrix can be used for PHP based applications with including HTML/CSS and JavaScript standards. It runs on MS Windows.

If you want to explore other options, you can start with cloud-based tool like Cloud9, Dreamweaver or brackets.

Browser Tools :-

As, we know that browsers like Firefox and Chrome, which have a wide variety of extensions available. We can easily access the JS console and developer tools after clicking few clicks. The tools allow you to debug into every single detail of a web page as well as code. In addition, we can edit CSS elements very quickly so we can get the idea about how the changes will affect the interface.

A good foundation :-

There are many frameworks, which provide the foundation for your own application. The good one is bootstrap. Bootstrap allows you to build powerful interfaces that respond to the user platform.
 It is a very simple concept but it takes some time to get acclimated with the framework.

There are many more other options available like Foundation.

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