Monday, November 10, 2014

10 Awesome PHP Tutorials for Noobs

PHP is one of the most favorite open source programming languages. Many popular sites like WordPress, Wikipedia, Facebook, Digg, iStockPhoto and Facebook are developed in PHP language. Here are some of the basic PHP tutorials to develop a very good website in PHP.

PHP Tutorials for NoobsPHP Tutorials for Noobs

1. Basic of PHP

All the basic things and tutorial about PHP. Learn PHP from scratch.

2. Setting up The Database

Learn how to connect PHP web pages with database

3. Inserting Information

Adding data in PHP database

4. Displaying Data

Learn how to display data from database in PHP

5. Learn Smarty Template Engine Crash Course

If you have used PHP template engines then here you will find the basic concept of smarty template engine crash course which looks quite familier

6. Integrating FirePHP for Ajax Development

There are lots of integrated tools available to building a web 2.0 AJAX apps in PHP. Find out the tutorial to learn it in detail

7. Learn How to degun in PHP

Tutorial about learn debugging in PHP

8. Sending e mails via SMTP with PHP mailer and Gmail

Check out the above link to get an idea about how to send mail messages via SMTP using PHPmailer and Gmail.

9. Implementing Text to Speech in PHP

Learn on how we can convert text to speech from PHP applications.

10. Use Windows Login in PHP Applications

With using the username and password schemes for logging in to your applications or websites.



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